Port Hills Christmas Rogaine

Date:   Thursday21 December 2017
Omahu Bush waterfall
Map/Location:     Omahu Bush
Event Type:            Rogaine
Co-ordinator:       Chris Forne
From the old Tai Tapu Rd, head past the Rasberry Cafe and continue 2.5km along Rhodes Rd until just before it becomes Otahuna Rd.
From here follow flags and signposting in Omahu bush direction for around 500m to the Registration and Start/Finish.
5:00 - 6:00 Registration/ Map handout
6:00 - Short briefing
6:10 - 8.40 pm 2.5hr Rogaine
8:40 - Christmas Party (Free sausage sizzle, christmas fare) + Prize giving
Entry Fees:
Adults - $25
Students - $20
Children - Free (12yrs and under, must be accompanied by a paying adult)
Online entry coming soon...
To guarantee yourself a map and avoid queues on the night enter online (available 9th onwards, until 20th December)
Compulsory Gear:
You will need a pen! It is compulsory to bring a headlight or torch, jacket and whistle.
Individuals are also required to carry a cell phone.
It is prickly out there, gaiters are sensible. We also recommend taking a polypro top, hat and gloves, compass, cell phone, plus enough food and water for 2.5hrs. Also bring a bowl and cup for food afterwards!


Control points are equal to the number of the control truncated to the nearest 10, eg control 53 and 58 are worth 50pts, while 83 is worth 80 pts.
You must be back after 2.5hrs, otherwise you will be deducted 20pts per part minute late, eg 30sec late -20pts, 2min 5 sec late -60pts.
Team members must stay together at all times.
No crossing through out of bounds areas. These are marked clearly on the map with olive green or pink stripe.
Competitors must take compulsory gear – Headlamp/torch, jacket and whistle.
Competitors shall not discard litter or unduly damage or disturb native flora or fauna.
No Dogs, Fires or Smoking.
Some areas may be closed due to rock fall or other dangers. These will be shown as out of bounds areas on the map. Please make sure you obey these closures, both for your own safety and ongoing access to these areas for Rogaining.
Please be extremely careful crossing all roads. The Summit Road is open to traffic and a number of people drive very fast along here. You must obey the NZ road rules at all times and not run along the road. If you need to follow along beside the road, please stay well off the seal in the grassy verge.
Our safety ph number during the event is 0221599820. Cell phone coverage is limited in places, so try calling from a ridge / hill top if you have issues.