Coronet Snowgaine Entry Form


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Pricing includes 2hr lift pass

Adults $50 (per person) / $30 with season pass
Children $25 (17yrs and under) / $15 with season pass

Account Name: Chris Forne
Account Number: 06-0665-0150257-00
Reference: Team / Individual Name
Particulars: SnowRogaine
Code: Surname


We hereby acknowledge that the New Zealand Rogaining Association, the Event Organisers, and Landowners, accept no liability for any loss, damage or injury to ourselves (including vehicles at the event venue) resulting from our participation in this event. We enter this event at our own risk and acknowledge that there may be risks associated with the sport of Rogaining. We understand the safety requirements set out by the organisers and agree to abide by the New Zealand Rogaining Association Code of Conduct as on the website Please note: Team captain must ensure this indemnity has been read and understood by all team members.