Coronet Peak Dogaine 2023

Saturday 18 March 2023
Coronet Peak Skifield
Event Type:
Rogaine (team navigation event)
Emily Forne
Chris Forne
Chris Forne

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PRE-ENTRY is required BEFORE 8pm Friday 17th March. Thanks (-:



1 hour and 3 hour Rogaine up at Coronet Peak Skifield including use of the chairlift. There will also be a special 'take your dog' category (hence the name Dogaine).

A rogaine is a navigation event in which you and a teammate (and maybe your dog!) compete to collect as many checkpoints in your allocated time as possible. You will receive the map before starting and have a short amount of time to plan out your route. Checkpoints are worth different amounts and you have to decide on the best route and which checkpoints you want to get. Most of the travel is off track and up at Coronet Peak you will have some tussock and rocky terrain to cross.


Parking - Coronet Peak skifield (carpark 2)

Registration - Outside Cafe 1200 (upper level Coronet Peak base building)

Start/Finish - Outside Cafe 1200 (upper level Coronet Peak base building)


Registration and map handout from 10am

Briefing before you start or mass briefing at 11am

Flexible starts from 11am - 12pm

Social/ prize giving at Cafe 1200 post event (exact time to be confirmed)

Entry Fees (includes single lift pass on the Gondola for 1 hr category, and multi lift pass for 3 hr category):

UPDATED!! We really want to keep the prices affordable for local families. But our entry fee includes a gondola lift pass per person and this is not determined by us. Thanks for your understanding. Please note we are now able to offer a cheaper rate for any child under 17.

Adults - $30 (1 hour) $50 (3 hour) *Student discount $10 off adult price with student ID

Children (17 and under) - $15 (1 hour) $20 (3 hour)

Family rate (for 2 adults and 2 children) - $80 (1 hour) $120 (3 hour)

PRE-ENTRY is required BEFORE 8pm Friday 17th March.

Please note - because we have made this price change after some of you amazing people have already entered you may have over paid us. If this is the case please come and talk to us at registration and we will sort you out.

Please pay by bank transfer. We may accept entries on the day but these will incur an extra late payment fee. This makes our organisational job much easier, so we would really appreciate your cooperation. Thanks (-:

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Compulsory Gear:

It is compulsory to bring a jacket and cell phone.

We also recommend taking a polypro top, hat and gloves, compass, plus enough food and water for 1 hour/ 3 hours.


Control points are equal to the number of the control truncated to the nearest 10, eg control 53 and 58 are worth 50pts, while 83 is worth 80 pts.

You must be back after 1 or 3 hours, otherwise you will be deducted 20pts per part minute late, eg 30sec late -20pts, 2min 5 sec late -60pts.

Team members must stay together at all times. You may compete solo at the organisers discretion based on experience.

No crossing through out of bounds areas. These are marked clearly on the map with olive green or pink stripe.

Competitors must take compulsory gear – Jacket and cellphone.

Competitors shall not discard litter or unduly damage or disturb native flora or fauna.

Strictly No Fires or Smoking.


There are cliffs, steep and rocky terrain, and skifield equipment hazards. You are competing in mountain terrain and the weather can change quickly. Hypothermia is a risk. Competitors must take caution, especially traversing or going down steep slopes and not go anywhere they are not comfortable with.

Our safety phone number during the event is 0221599826. Save this on your phone.

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